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Introducing the Chill’n Fil, the only solar powered bottle filler on the market!

by David Tutten on March 11, 2024

Clean, cold water without the plastic!

COVID has changed the way we stay hydrated. Because of the risk of transmitting COVID, by 2020, most public drinking fountains, water jugs and bottle fillers were shut down.  This created a whole new market for insulated bottles, and their fillers.  As a result, personal water bottles have exploded in popularity in the past 3 years.

That brings us to an emerging market trend: providing safe, clean cold water in public places.

The problem is no one makes a refrigerated, outdoor touchless bottle filler.

  • Until now…  Enter the   
  • Safe, clean and convenient
  • Cool, filtered water for superb flavorPays for itself in bottle and energy savings
  • High reliability, low maintenance
  • Contactless filling with UV sterilization
  • Unique solar powered outdoor design
  • One day installation, with no damage to the surroundings, easily relocatable
  • Flexible leasing and purchasing options
  • Contributes to environmental sustainability
  • The Chill"n Fil hydration system is available in both on and off grid configurations. The Chill’n Fil can be used anywhere there is access to sunshine and potable water.

                  Golf Courses, Public Parks, Schools and Universities, Beaches and Coastal Areas, Outdoor Events and Festivals, Hiking Trails and Campsites, Sports Facilities, Community Centers, Public Transit Stations, Tourist Attractions.

                  Learn more about the Features & Options - Link to PDF

                  Learn more about Bottled Water on the Golf Course - Link to PDF

                  Join forces with Power House to introduce this new and innovative product to the world.

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