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Q - Your systems are designed around golf cars. Why is that?

ABy using the already existing golf car battery, we can deliver the most power for the dollar, reducing the cost by 75%.


Q – How do they work?

AIt’s very simple. You connect the Storm Chaser or Hurricane to the 48 Volt golf car battery, then turn the main circuit breaker ON.  Turn the inverter switch ON and simply plug-in your 120V appliances.

Q – Do I need a golf cart to use your backup power system?

ANo. Any of our systems can be used with a stationary battery, either lead or lithium.

Q – Will they power a whole house?

ANo. Even though the average golf cart contains considerable power in its’ battery pack, we only recommend running important and critical loads such as refrigerators, freezers, fans, lights and electronics.   Limiting your power usage to these loads will greatly extend your battery pack run time.

Q – Can you give me some examples of typical run times?

AYes, please see the appliance load chart on this website. These run times are based on new lead acid or lithium batteries, and your run time will probably vary, based your battery size, age and chemistry.

Q – Will they run a heater or air conditioner?

AYes and no. While the Storm Chaser and Hurricane do have the capability to run a heater or air conditioner, we DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. These loads require a lot of power, and will quickly drain your batteries.  Again, we recommend that you only use them for critical loads.

Q – How do the Storm Chaser or Hurricane connect to the golf cart?

ABoth units are equipped with heavy duty cables with either ring terminals or jumper cable type clamps that end with an industry standard Anderson connector.  We strongly recommend the ring terminals as the preferred solution, as you then avoid any possibility of connecting the cables wrong, which may result in inverter damage.  

Q – Can they damage the golf cart electronics?

ANo. When in use, the golf cart is turned OFF, and we’re simply tapping into the batteries for power.  There is no feedback or noise to disturb the golf cart electronics.

Q – Will they damage the golf cart batteries.

ANo. The relative rate of discharge is low compared to driving the cart.  Both the Storm Chaser and Hurricane have low voltage disconnects.  When the batteries are depleted, they are disconnected, preventing damage.

Q – How long will the batteries last?

ATheir normal life. Golf cart battery life is not impacted by using the Storm Chaser or Hurricane occasionally.  


Q – What if I live in an apartment or townhome?

AYou can use either the Storm Chaser or Hurricane with an external battery pack.  We do recommend a Hurricane for this application as it includes the battery charger you will need to keep your batteries charged. On a golf cart, this is usually done with the golf cart battery charger.


Q – How does the Storm Chaser or Hurricane compare to similar products?

AThis is a very hard question to answer because no similar products exist. Generally speaking, both the Storm Chaser and Hurricane deliver more power for the dollar than any other portable or stationary backup power system.  Please see the chart below to compare the Hurricane to both portable and stationary backup power systems.