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Power to Go – The Electric Golf Cart Isn’t Just a People Mover Anymore

by Kevin Conlin on August 17, 2022

Electric golf carts now represent 80% of the new cart market, and the growth trend toward electric, vs gas, is expected to continue.

Now, compact and efficient electronic inverters give you the ability to use your 48V electric golf cart as a mobile power generator. (the inverter converts the 48VDC cart battery to 120V AC power, the same as your wall outlet)

Compared to conventional gas fired generators, the solid-state inverter, coupled with your existing cart battery, has the following advantages:

  • Silent – no noise or annoying din
  • Non-polluting – no fumes, can be used indoors
  • Cool- no hot exhaust or fire danger
  • No Fuel – no fuel degradation or starting problems
  • No Maintenance – no oil changes or filter replacements
  • Efficient – consumes power only when you need it
  • Compact – and lightweight compared to a generator
  • Safe – only requires a polarized connector

Commercial Market

There is an enormous opportunity for utilizing the Storm Chaser ™ in commercial service – a mobile power source for special equipment or electric power tools used for construction, repair and maintenance. 

Utilizing the Storm Chaser with a golf cart makes it possible to create an off-grid jobsite virtually anywhere.

Potential markets and customers might include:

  • School campuses and universities
  • Airports and cargo facilities
  • Industrial plants and manufacturing facilities
  • Car dealerships
  • Multifamily real estate companies
  • Sports organizations
  • Country clubs and equestrian clubs
  • Large warehouses
  • Golf courses

For applications needing 3000 watts or less, the compact, 12 lb Storm Chaser can replace that noisy generator you’ve been hauling around all these years.

For more information please visit www.powerhouse.energy